School Activities


Club membership provides students with assistance and supervision of homework.

Meets on: Monday,Wednesday

Meeting Time: 1340-1440

The Safety Patrol is responsible for morning and afternoon duty every day.  The fourth and fifth graders are divided into groups who work weeklong shifts.

Meets on: Monday,Wednesday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday

This is a great opportunity for students to learn how to play Taiko drums and learn more about Japanese culture.  This club has two components: Advanced Drummers (Grades 3-5) and Novice Drummers (Grades 1-2).  The Advance Drummers meet all year whi...

Meets on: Friday

Meeting Time: 1345-1445

Learn to build and program Lego Mindstorm robots and participate in a district-wide robotics competition.

Meets on: Monday,Thursday

Meeting Time: 1345-1445

The LEGO® Education WeDo Robotics Club introduces young students to robotics. Students will work independently or in pairs to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors.

Meeting Time: 1345-1445

Get fit and focused in Yoga Club!

Meets on: Thursday

Meeting Time: 1345-1445